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Best Business Ideas for Students

Looking for a summer job? Why not start your own business instead of working for someone else? Besides accomplishing the main objective of making money over the summer, when you start your own business you’ll have the satisfaction of being your own boss and of creating something yourself. Another great advantage of starting your own business is that you • Read More »

Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas

If you are ready to start a business and hate the idea of being tied to one location, a mobile business may be the perfect fit for you. What is a mobile business? A mobile business is exactly what it sounds like—a business that allows you to hit the road, traveling to different locations to • Read More »

Small Business ideas for People That Hate Selling

Many people are often discouraged when they want to start businesses that require selling. This is quite understandable because not everyone is a naturally gifted salesperson, and not everyone with natural salesman skills enjoys selling. Whilst some people can sell the crappiest stuffs in such a way that potential buyers would be eager to buy • Read More »

Best Tax Free Business ideas

Do you want to start a tax-free business but you lack ideas on what to start? If YES, here are 50 best tax free business ideas / opportunities for 2019. In as much as taxes are necessary for the government of a country to function and meet up with its obligations to the people, taxes • Read More »

Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary Scholarship

The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is a multi-year programme that promotes teaching in public schools. Full cost bursaries are available to enable eligible students to complete a full teaching qualification in an area of national priority. Recipients of these bursaries will be required to teach at a public school for the same number of years • Read More »

Work at Home Beginners Guide

Hello there! Welcome to Dream Home Based Work, your resource for opportunities, resources, tips and information on working from home. I’ve spent the last five years researching different companies who offer home based jobs, so I thought it would be best for me to pass on everything I’ve learned. There is SO MUCH to see • Read More »

Ways To Make Money Online

Getting money quickly and easily has never been this…quick and easy! With all the needs that you have, it would be great to have some source of income that is constant, right? Well, read on and you will get to know 7 ways that you can earn cash, 7 days a week, and be paid • Read More »

Longrich VIP Platinum Investment Opportunity

Longrich VIP Platinum Investment Opportunity. Partner with Longrich South Africa and earn a percentage share on global Longrich Profit. Get a share of the 1% Longrich global profit. Consider this a passive income. Read more below to understand this opportunity. Who is Longrich?/What is Longrich? Introduction Longrich is a 32-year old multi-million dollar manufacturing company • Read More »

Make Money Selling Longrich Health Products

The Benefits of Joining Longrich A. Longrich has wide and unique range of products. There is always a product for every member of the family irrespective of age or gender. B. There is no compulsory monthly purchase in Longrich. You buy your products when you need to. C. Longrich will never flush/forfeit your hard earned points and force you • Read More »

Make Money With Avon

Make Money With Avon In 1886 a door to door book salesman named David McConnell had an idea. He thought thought he could make more money door to door selling perfume than books, and he was right!  More than a century later, his vision lives on as the company we know as Avon Products (NYSE: • Read More »