Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy
By visiting our website { } You give us permission to collect and use your personal information when you use the website. makemoney24 uses your personal information only for internal purposes like improving the functionality of the site, keeping a database of users and maintaining a record of your access to the site.
Makemoney24 will not share your personal information with any third party without first obtaining your consent, unless is ordered by a court of law to do so.
You consent that we may share your personal information with sub-contractors for purposes of management and administration of our website.
Makemoney24 uses a third party service offered by Google called Google Adsense on this website. Allows us to share google advertisements to users who visited our website when they visit other websites that are part of Google’s advertising network. This helps us connect with these potential users while they browse other websites. You can learn more about Google Adsense on Google’s website:
Remarketing is an anonymous service and does not identify you personally 
it simply identifies the pages visited on our website by recognizing the unique identifying number of the cookie on your computer.
By using our website, you consent to the use of the Remarketing services as described below.
If you would like to opt-out of Remarketing, you have a number of options:
Google’s Ads Preference Manager:;
Listing yourself with self-regulatory associations to which advertising vendors such as Google subscribe; or;
Configuring your browser’s settings to manage, disable or clear cookies:
Makemoney24 uses a third party service offered by Google called Google Adwords for purpose of marketing
allows us to share data from our website,
By using our website, you consent to us using Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting.
You can learn more about Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting on Google’s explanatory website:
makemoney24 uses cookies on this website. Cookies are small, risk-free text files which are stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit most websites. These files hold small amounts of data and allow the server to recognize you when you revisit a website Again.
A session cookie (also called a transient cookie) is temporary and will be erased once you close your browser. Session cookies will not gather information from your computer, but they will recognize you as you navigate between pages during your session and will help maintain security during your visit.
Persistent cookies are permanent cookies that have set expiration dates. They are stored on your computer hard drive until they expire or are deleted. Persistent cookies will collect information such as your login details or user preference when you visit certain websites.
Furthermore, cookies can be either first- or third-party cookies.
A first-party cookie is owned and created by the website you are visiting. It stores a small amount of text on your computer. First-party cookies are usually allowed by most Web browsers, but if you should choose to disable these type of cookies, the website you are visiting will not be able to track your activity during navigation.
Third-party cookies are created and owned by a website other than the one you are currently visiting. Usually, these cookies will be from a company providing a service to the owners of the website you are visiting. These type of cookies typically store tracking information and personal preferences.
makemoney24 will under no circumstance use cookies to track your Internet usage after leaving this site. We will not share your personal information without any prior consent.
We use cookies only to gather your information on our site, also temporarily storing any input information for any of our online tools. Our use of cookies is aimed at providing a constantly improving user journey, done by gathering details on marketing and product preferences. We also use cookies to gauge how effective our website’s advertising efforts
Should you choose to opt out of having cookies placed on your computer or other devices, you can find the steps on WikiHow that explains the process for both desktop and Android.